This was a lovely conversation with Hannah Beadle, one of my favorite people from across the pond! We talked about what it was like growing up a three sport athlete competing at the highest levels in the UK starting from when she was very young, how sports were her happy place growing up, and most importantly how she dealt with bullying and those that wanted to see her give up. Hannah never gave up and refused to make the world make her be small and instead built upon that determination, and now, she has taken her lifelong love of sport and took the leap to become a business owner this past year. We talked about how she got the confidence to figure it out along the way at such a young age and she really had amazing advice for both young athletes and entrepreneurs. And lastly, we got into the Wildfitness whole body approach to doing what we are designed to do as humans, and some of her quick tips for connecting with our inherent wildness without ever leaving your hometown or making big changes in your day. This is a PG friendly episode that I encourage all of you to listen to with the girls and young women in your life that you love!


With a background in high level sports and over a decade of coaching experience Hannah has grown up in the health and fitness industry. After coaching with them for the last five years, Hannah is now the proud new owner and CEO of Wildfitness Ltd., a transformative fitness holidays company that runs on the extremely simple yet incredibly powerful philosophy of listening to your body and mind and responding to your instinctual needs to move naturally, for deep relaxation and for unprocessed food.

 “For me Wildfitness is not just a philosophy but a natural, sustainable, fundamentally human and truly transformational way of life. My drive and passion lies in the fact that every day on a retreat I have the platform to help, inspire and motivate people from all walks of life and am able to witness a true change in the lives of everyone that experiences Wildfitness.”

When she isn’t teaching Hannah likes nothing more than hiking or adventuring in the great outdoors with friends, playing any sport she can get her hands on and even participating in the odd pub quiz.


Go Wild With Us has a mission to try and reconnect people with nature and their own wildness. We believe that everyone needs regular contact with nature and the outdoors, and both research and personal experience tells us that being outdoors and spending time in nature is absolutely essential for good mental health and physical well being.  Let’s restore the balance of our over-stimulated and technology heavy lifestyles a little, by reconnecting with nature through fun.  Go on! Go Wild With Us! 🙂


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