This is a great, fun conversation with my Comadre, Gelsandra “Gelly” Guzman. Born into an entrepreneurial family, she leveraged her innate drive and adaptability to make multiple pivots along her career path while learning along the way. We got into the challenges women run into trying to fit into expected images forced upon them versus encouraging individualism and creativity and how she leveraged listening to other people’s stories as a way to hone in on what lights her up. We talk about her battles with postpartum depression and putting herself back together after each pregnancy and how she bet on herself like there was no Plan B it to leave her full time job to launch her business full time. She talks about how she’s used her obstacles to propel her to create and run a successful multi-platform business while being a wife and mom to two kids. Gelly makes great recommendations for other busy moms and women who are looking to make a change and encountering challenges along the way. She is bold and driven and so motivating that you can’t help from feeling supercharged after listening to her story and if you don’t one, she is definitely the “ Hell Yeah!” person you need in your life. Gelly will light a fire in your heart and spirit, and I can’t think of a better way to start your week!


Gelsandra was born in “Little Rhody” , graduated from FIT in NYC with a Fashion Merchandising Degree and has over 10 years of experience in Buying, Merchandising and Marketing. She’s a self described wifey, mommy of 2 and trend-setting fashion stylist ready to help women feel good in their skin and empowered with confidence and style!


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IG: poshpalmaxgelly


Postpartum Depression Hotline: Help for Moms

Las Comadres Club

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About Las Comadres: In Latin American and Hispanic culture, mothers and godmothers call each other “comadre” but  it’s also a term of endearment close female friends use with one another. Our vision is that every woman is empowered to be who she really is so that she can be free. This is a community welcome to all self-identifying women. Comadres trust each other with the most important pieces of their lives. Las Comadres℠ is an invitation for us to be guardians of each others’ dreams and successes. It’s a community of women entrepreneurs reclaiming sisterhood, and uplifting one another up in life and in business and is opening its doors to the online community starting May 4th, 2020!  

Las Comadres

CHARITY SPOTLIGHT: Fundación Pasos de Victoria Innovadores

Their mission is to provide children in the Dominican Republic with meals, clothing and other necessities of daily life.   Please reach out to Gabriel Montesino on Instagram for more information IG: thefinancialdiplomat 

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