Hi everyone! I wanted to share this special anniversary episode where I talk about what the podcast has meant for my life this year, some lessons learned and more.  I also wanted to share some of my thoughts on mental health, especially in 2020, removing the stigma of asking for help and a call to action for everyone to check on their “ strong friends” as the first week in October is mental health awareness week.   And as always, we remember to shout out our charity highlight of the week,  The Save the Children Coronavirus  Response Fund.


A pint- sized powerhouse from The Bronx, Jessica Casucci is the founder and CEO of Mt. Olympus Performance Group, a firm that provides high-impact science and research-based executive and performance coaching to women.   With 18+ years’ experience as a corporate attorney, she formed her own company in 2019 with the goal of helping women aspire to big things and achieve them. In addition to coaching, she also can be found sharing inspirational stories of every day women doing bold, brave and badass things on her podcast, Boldly Spoken.  When she isn’t making playlists filled with deep house, 90’s hip hop and a bit of David Bowie for good measure, she’s hiking, playing with her rescue pets Orion, Finn & Nyx and cooking family style meals for the people she loves.



Coronavirus Response Fund – Save the Children

From the beginning, Save the Children has been on the ground protecting children and families from COVID-19. Our teams are working around the clock to ensure the health, safety and psychological well-being of children in the U.S. and around the world are protected.

More than 1 billion children are now out of school. Child poverty is rising. Refugees living in over-crowded camps and those living in conflict will be hit the hardest. We desperately need your help to address the immediate and long-term threats of COVID-19. We must act now to protect a generation.

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