If you’re a woman executive, then you know what it is to give your all and still feel like you’re not being recognized for your skill level and performance at your job.

You feel stagnant like you’re stuck at mid-level management. You’re watching your colleagues who contribute less, get promoted into positions that you know you’re qualified for.

And you’re just tired… tired of giving your all to a company that isn’t giving you the satisfaction you deserve.

You’re tired of being called “emotional”... You’re tired of feeling limited… You’re tired of being burnt out and overextended…

You’re over seeing the same results and uninspiring rewards in your career.

So let’s do this a different way…

You want peak performance and results in your career.

And we can help you get it… but it won’t be in the traditional “50 people in a conference room for a leadership workshop” way.

We need to get into you… into the nitty gritty of your life…

We need to know how you’re eating and drinking… what’s stressing you out in your relationships… what triggers you and makes you want to tear the roof off at home…

We need to know if you’re exercising and moving your body… if you have activities outside of work that bring you joy… what communication is like with your family…

And we need to know how you feel about money… what tough sacrifices you’ve made to get to this point in your career… and moving forward, what’s the healthiest way for you to build wealth while maintaining your sanity…

And we know that all of this probably feels irrelevant to how you get to peak performance, well-deserved promotions, and recognition at work.

But we assure you, success is woven into all the pillars of your life. And you can’t have true career success, while ignoring all the other parts of you.

Even if you’re killing it at work, you may be killing yourself in other areas. You may not be eating the best foods, sleeping enough hours to recharge at night, or prioritizing the time you need with your loved ones.

So that’s why we look into all the pillars of your life: Community (social & relational), Individual (emotional, physical & psychological) and Career (Financial, Accountability & Growth), because being successful isn’t just a bunch of zeros at the end of your check.

Success is a science, and as women, we’re required to have tough conversations with our loved ones and ourselves about the support we need to excel in our careers.

But here’s the thing that most women miss… you don’t have to go through this process alone.

And that’s where we enter the room…

By now, you’ve probably heard about Jessica Casucci, the founder of Mt. Olympus Performance Group, but just in case you haven’t…

Jessica has 18+ years experience as a corporate attorney, climbed the ranks to achieve partner at a top financial services firm, managed large multinational teams, and became 1 of only 2 women in her firm to be nominated for the 30% Club Mentorship Program, designed to support high performing women executives.

She’s done thousands of performance reviews and coaching sessions over the years, and she’s done the strategic planning and deal-making to make sure executives like you get the raises and roles you deserve. But her success wasn’t just based on what she did in the office, she learned that what she did outside was just as important.

To become a better “her” and a better leader, she became a certified yoga instructor, integrative health coach, and licensed financial advisor, all of which informs her approach to working with clients in Mt. Olympus Performance Group’s executive coaching program.

Jessica is someone who makes a big impact on people whether they are ready for it or not. Her greatest strength is her heart. She is passionate about people (especially women and girls) bettering themselves not for anyone else but themselves. She has a gift of seeing things other people don't see and articulating them in a supportive manner using steps that are manageable to effectuate change.”

Tracy Graham

The Executive Coaching Program

In 3 months, we’d like the opportunity to transform your relationship with work, to fast track the results you’re getting at your job, and to get you the support you need at home.

Jessica will be your personal 1-on-1 coach and there to support you on demand.

How It Works

Our commitment and difference: We Coach You Where You Need It, When You Need It.

Most executive coaching programs are formulaic, and take cookie cutter approaches to solving intricate, highly personalized problems. We don’t believe in that.

When you work with us, what we do will be customized to what you need to fast track and excel in your career.


We start with a 90 minute video or face-to-face session to do a deep dive into your immediate goals for the next 3 months and long-term vision.

Are you going into raise, salary, and fee negotiations?

Are you planning to make an exit from your job?

Are you searching for a new position at a new company?

STEP two

Once we’re clear, you’ll begin weekly live 1:1 sessions with Jessica to get to work.

 Each session is 45 minutes with post-call action plan deliverables. Also, to make sure you have a written plan, we’ll prepare one of the following for you based on your goals.

  • “What I’m Worth” storyboard – to be used in raise,  salary and fee negotiations
  • Written high level exit strategy with timelines and key performance indicators 
  • Resume/cover letter editing

What You’ll Recieve

Jessica  make herself available for 15 minute calls, texts, and emails, unlimited — to make sure you have the support you need, when you need it as you go through meetings and negotiations. We document and record all strategy sessions, so you can track your goals, performance indicators and successes, and save them in your toolkit for any time you need them later on.

In addition to the career support, our approach utilizes mind-body techniques, such as meditation, breathwork and visualization, along with communication skills development and positive psychology practices. As part of your executive coaching, you receive..

Your participation in this program is about getting you the results and change you’re ready to see in your career and life. And like everything that produces a return, there is an investment of time, energy, and financial resources. But this work for us, first and foremost, is about getting women executives the access they need to feel supported and to excel in their careers. So while this framework has helped women earn 7 figures in salary and bonus, we wanted the price point to be accessible to the everyday woman executive. Instead of charging $10,000+ for an executive coaching program, we’ve decided to make the 3 months of customized support, audios, private coaching sessions, assessments, and written plan available to you for a one-time payment of $2,500 or three monthly payments of $1,000.


Now is your time to get the support you need to reach peak performance in your career and to integrate all the other areas of your life into a healthy success framework. You’ve done the hard work of getting yourself to this point; allow us to support you to your next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is 3 months long and and all clients work directly with Jessica. You start with a 90 minute intake session, have weekly 45 minute video sessions, and can schedule your bonus 60 minute nutrition and wellness session. It’s just you and Jessica on all of these calls. You can also request 15-minute calls with Jessica before big meetings and presentations. 

No, the purpose of the 90 minute intake session is to do an assessment of where you need the most support in your life and to develop a 3 month plan with actionable goals and milestones for how to get you there. This is not a one-size fits all executive coaching program. Everything is customized to your specific needs.

The program is a one-time payment of $2,500 or three monthly payments of $1,000 for the 90 minute intake session, 12 weekly 45 minute video sessions, 60 minute nutrition and wellness session, unlimited text/ email/ 15-minute call support, and bonus audios. We packed a ton of value into this program to make sure you get results and a strong return on investment.

We recommend that you schedule your free consultation as soon as possible. On the call, we’ll go over the best timeline, start date, and what’s needed for us to begin.

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